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Sexual division of labour

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Chapter 6 Cultural Anthropology

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Steven R. Simms is an emeritus Professor of Anthropology at USU Logan, Utah where he taught from He has done archaeological field work across the United States and in the Middle East for over 45 years. His areas of specialty are prehistory of the Great Basin and Colorado Plateau, human behavioral ecology, and archaeological method and theory.

Economic Anthropology is a branch of the discipline of anthropology that looks at systems of production, distribution, and consumption, wherever they may be found, but most often in the non-industrialized world (but can be industrialized as well). Like in a foraging society, a nuclear family is the most common in that it connects through the descent line which is the parent-child connection.

On like the Batek society whose kinship is through the male or the female line with every Batek, it is identical to that of my culture. Free Essays Anthropology Essay. Back Home. In a food foraging society, controlling the distribution of food is a definite sign of power. Digs have uncovered many clues about the origin of man, and how we can more accurately trace our lineage back to a common ancestor.

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Anthropology essay on foragers
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